About us

SoftwareVerdict® provides a highly reliable B2B Software research and decision-making platform. Our research and platform enables software companies and buyers to confidently make informed choices.

SoftwareVerdict® gives software buyers the ability to see what others think of a particular software before they make their purchase. The platform simplifies the quest for the perfect software, facilitating user-driven reviews and ratings.

As the foremost global authority in market surveys and integrated insights across diverse industries, SoftwareVerdict has been at the forefront since its inception. With a network spanning over 170 countries and a team of industry research experts, we have evolved into the premier research company worldwide.

We understand the importance of conducting an efficient market research to compete against others in the business. SoftwareVerdict encapsulated reports provide with in-depth market information, backed up by a thorough market study.

We have delivered 1000+ custom research reports for our clients in more than 16 industry verticals including Manufacturing, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Agriculture, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Oil, Gas, Telecom, Media, Semiconductor, Retail, Logistics, Consumer Goods, Gaming & Entertainment.

These reports have enabled companies to strategize their marketing, product development and sales efforts more effectively.

We've acquired a distinct understanding of the business landscapes, market movements, and forces for change in almost every sector after delivering over 1000+ projects. Over the years, our experience and expertise have helped us modify and redefine our solution to become one of the most sought-after Research companies.

Our Mission & Vision

We have been guiding businesses across multiple industries to make informed business decisions through our culture of professionalism, quality-focused, and high performance.

  • Provide a software marketplace to help people make purchasing decisions
  • Help clients with distinctive, empirical insights about the market through research
  • Provide clear visibility and market potential to clients and help make informed decisions
  • Prioritize to keep improving ourselves with the changing industry landscape
  • Provide unique and high-quality insights to clients
  • Prioritize client satisfaction, experience, and business outcomes

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