SoftwareVerdict provides you with actionable insights, allowing you to get into the industry market with precision.

Gaining market research knowledge takes time, money, and effort. However, those findings are meaningless unless they assist a company in making effective decisions.

As market research company we identify key areas and turn market research insights into action ensuring that we exceed our client expectations.

SoftwareVerdict has been integrating data from a variety of sources into one unified channel to gain comprehensive knowledge of possible clients, consumers, competitors, pricing trends, and other factors. We devise targeted strategies for our clients to identify growth possibilities in the target market.

Unlike other market research businesses, our highly effective market research approach ensures comprehensive research coverage. Our market research involves the use of appropriate methodologies in primary and secondary sources to obtain industry intelligence.

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What Makes our Market research Stand out?

  • Geography Agnostic
  • Multiple insights in one research
  • Insights of the highest degree
  • Clients at the center of our focus
  • Providing insights faster than the competition
  • Delivering the right perspective always

Gain a competitive advantage and streamline your decision-making process with cutting-edge tools that will help you get to market quicker.


This case study report outlines the effects of a comprehensive solution and program implementation. It adopts an evidence-based research method to gain more profound insights into the intricate issue in its natural setting. Both quantitative and qualitative data from customers, employees, as well as stakeholders is collected for further analysis.

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Economic Impact Radar® (EIR)

Focusses on Industry assessment and business strength in the segment. It is a comprehensive summary of industry stakeholders, market conditions and competitive landscape within the segment. This report helps businesses in understanding current trends and potential opportunities that can be tapped for better business performance.

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Strategic Business Review (SBR)

With the help of SoftwareVerdict SBR, businesses can gain a better understanding of their segment through TIME framework. This analysis provides deeper insights into consumer buying behaviour, choice and preference as well as go-to-market strategies that impact business growth.

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All items listed on the TrueView™ are carefully reviewed and selected by our team of analysts based off client inquiries, partner discussions, customer feedbacks, vendor choice projects and market share studies – so rest assured knowing those technologies meet strict standards before being included in our portfolio.

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