The ‘Global Rising Marketers Award 2023’ seeks to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements of marketing leaders who have left an indelible mark on the global marketing landscape.

We are privileged to honor these visionary individuals for their outstanding contributions in shaping the future of marketing on a global scale. Their innovative strategies and dedication have not only elevated brands but have also set new standards for the industry, fostering an environment of constant evolution and creativity. These rising marketers are paving the way for a dynamic and transformative marketing landscape, and their impact is felt far and wide.

Award criteria and timeline

Software Verdict applies detailed analytical frameworks specifically designed to evaluate nominees for the award category before choosing an eventual and a deserving winner. The list will be aggregated by a select jury comprising some of the biggest names in the marketing realm worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of the Global Rising Marketers Award 2023 presented by Software Verdict?

    The Global Rising Marketers Award 2023 is a distinguished initiative designed to acknowledge and celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of leaders in the marketing industry who have left a significant mark on the global marketing landscape.

  • Who is eligible to participate in this award program?

    Eligibility for participation in this award program extends to marketing leaders from across the globe who have demonstrated excellence in their field. Nominees are expected to have made a remarkable and noteworthy contribution to the ever-evolving marketing domain.

  • What are the advantages of participating in the Global Rising Marketers Award?

    Participation in the Global Rising Marketers Award is highly recommended for marketers seeking to distinguish themselves from their peers and showcase innovative marketing strategies that have left a substantial impact on the industry. There are two primary advantages: Firstly, the award is offered at no cost to participants and involves the application of rigorous, industry-standard evaluation metrics. Secondly, the objectivity and impartiality of the evaluation criteria ensure the enduring credibility of this award, making it a significant industry benchmark for at least the next five years. In addition, award recipients will be granted a recognition badge that can be utilized in both online and offline channels to set themselves apart from their competitors.

  • How can I submit a nomination for this award?

    Nomination submissions can be made through our dedicated nomination page. Kindly complete the provided form and submit your nomination. Subsequently, your submission will be saved for evaluation based on the information you have provided.

  • What are the criteria used for assessing award nominees?

    Evaluation criteria include an assessment of the nominee’s leading initiatives, the impact they have had, the attainment of business objectives through these initiatives, the scope of their responsibilities, team size, decision-making authority, role within their organization, points of differentiation from other marketers, innovative strategies implemented, and any notable contributions to the global marketing industry.

  • Who serves as the Knowledge partner for the Global Rising Marketers Award 2023?

    The Knowledge partner for this award program is the Digital Strategy Institute, offering expertise and insights to ensure the award maintains a high standard of excellence.

  • When will the award winners be announced?

    The award winners will be officially announced on January 18, 2024, both on our official website and through a global press release.

  • When will the nomination period commence?

    Nominations for the Global Rising Marketers 2023 award will open on November 5, 2023.

  • When will the nomination period conclude?

    The nomination window for the Global Rising Marketers 2023 award will close on December 15, 2023.

  • What is the cost associated with submitting a nomination?

    Nomination for the Global Rising Marketers 2023 award is entirely free of charge.

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